Separate But Equal for Dummies – United States Constitutional Law & Segregation

HipHughes explains the very basic premise of the heart of Jim Crow legalization; the Separate But Equal Doctrine. Students of US History should know, that this one is a must, if you don’t understand it you best stay home test day.

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Law School Study Tips: Study Law From Outlines Before School Starts or During the Year

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This video sets out one critical thing you must do before law school (or during law school if you are reading this late): master the law.

That is, while issue-spotting is the most important pillar, in order to do that, you must know enough law to be able to issue spot.

Personal Injury Attorney Phoenix- Answers Legal Questions | Kelly Law Team

Do you have a question for a personal injury attorney about Arizona law? If so, the Kelly Law Team will answer your questions online.

Simply post your question in the comments section below this Google Hangout and John Kelly will provide you with an appropriate response, typically within 48 hours.

If you have a more pressing issue, please feel free to call our firm for a free consultation at 602-283-4122.

Questions Answered in this Video:

0:57 How can I convince the insurance company that my claim is real?
Answer: Well, basically you should think of it as a trial. You need to make sure you have compiled all the evidence that you will need to build your case. The evidence can include photographs of the accident, photographs of your injuries, notes of your doctors, notes of your injuries, and statements of the witnesses present at the scene or any other thing you think can be useful to present as evidence.

2:14 Question 2: If I work with an attorney on a contingency basis, will the firm compensate me while I’m waiting for my claim to settle?
Answer: The straight answer would be no. The firm would not compensate while you are waiting for your settlement. However, there are things that you can do depending upon your pocket expenses. Most attorneys would be able to direct you to certain providers, working on need-basis to treat your injuries. There are companies too that can grant you a loan based on your potential settlement. Not highly recommended but it’s just another option you can consider.

3:30 Question 3: How long will it take to know if I’m going to win my case?
Answer: This is a very specific question. There are some cases, where we know from the start that we will be able to win it. Like we have substantial evidence or it is known that who caused the accident so it’s pretty easy. However, there are other cases where all the details are not known and some pieces are missing. That’s where it may take some time to determine which way the case is going.

4:30 Question 4: I’m not able to leave my house due to an injury. Do personal attorneys do house calls?
Answer: Absolutely. Most of the attorneys, at least in my firm, we definitely do house calls if the client is unable to make it due to an injury or some other circumstances.

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Life Changing Stories – Law Of Attraction Tips

Life changing stories:

Are you searching for real inspirational short stories? Unpredictable moments that can change lives, bring new idea’s? Here you are! Welcome in my video :-)

By listening to life changing stories, your mind will open up for being able to changing your life as well:

“You can achieve what your mind can conceive”, is one of my favorite quotes. Because I believe it’s truth.

As a Law of Attraction Student I have listened to many audio’s and stories.
To be able to make a mind shift from feeling sad or desperate, to a positive mindset, I encourage you to make a decision to smile, whatever. AND take action against despair, fear and depression.

Thanks to the will to win and taking action on the law of attraction was able to overcome a lot.

I have stories to share that might help you to see your life in another perspective. And it can help you seeing what’s possible.

Stories that I seldom shared before. Very personal life changing stories.

But I decided to open up, because my mission is to help others by sharing my struggles and my solutions. And it’s my goal that others can benefit from this. It gives my past pain a purpose.

Let me help you finding your will to win, and become an attractor of positivity, strength and success.

P.S. Are you interesting in finding out how you can change your life using the internet and your laptop ?

Here you can see the blueprint of my online business system that enables me to earn residual income by sharing my stories online:


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Constitutional Law – House of Commons

This lesson discusses one of the components of the bicameral Parliament structure of the UK, which is the “House of Commons”.

For the complete course, which includes 90 Minutes of Video Lessons, 75+ pages of Case Summaries and Spider Graphs, visit:

Law Of Attraction Tips For Harnessing The Power Of Attraction – vBook70

Welcome.  We’re listing here our most effective Law Of Attraction tips as simple ways of taking advantage of the power of attraction that is always working for you.  Our big five tips are:
1. Notice how you’re feeling.
2. Change direction when you drift into feeling bad.
3. Be obsessively compulsive about appreciating everything.
4. Live from within the question .. What do I want now?
5. Expect the best of everything.
We’ve covered all these Law Of Attraction tips before of course but as we revisit them here, let’s see if we can open up some new ideas about creating what you want from life.
Join us! We look forward to meeting you there.

Megyn Kelly Might Have Schooled Mike Huckabee on Constitutional Law with One Fierce Phrase

Megyn Kelly Grills Huckabee About Rejecting SCOTUS: ‘Like It or Not, They Get Final Say’

Of all the 2016 Republican candidates, Mike Huckabee probably had the most over-the-top reaction to the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling, declaring, “I will not acquiesce to an imperial court any more than our Founders acquiesced to an imperial British monarch. We must resist and reject judicial tyranny, not retreat.”

Huckabee appeared on Megyn Kelly‘s show tonight, she confronted him about that. She asked him if he’s really not planning on accepting the ruling.

Huckabee insisted it’s unconstitutional, but Kelly said, “How do you not accept it?… Like it or not, they do get the final say.”